Photography Workshops in Madrid

Do you usually have problems when you try to take photos and are not able to get that picture that you have in your mind? Never again!
Join our photography workshops and learn all you need to know in order to dominate your camera. You will learn quickly how to take proper photos!
Our team of professional photographers will teach you the best tips in order to take the most out of your camera. Additionally, we will show you the most beautiful and photogenic spots of Madrid, where you could take the best photos for your photo album.

For amateurs and experts

Whether you have some experience photographing or simply don´t know how to grab a camera we adapt to your needs! Tell us your level and we will elaborate your photography workshop in order to improve your technique. Get ready to learn!

Learn by doing!

Although we will teach some theory in the beginning, our photography workshop are 100% practical! So get ready for action! You will work with your camera and will practice taking photos in the most stunning spots of the city.

Do your own album

At Madrid Photo Tour we don´t just want you to dominate your camera but also to do your own album! We will teach you how to create and compose a professional album of the city made for you!


¿Are you tired of bringing home bad photos of your trips? Never again! Join our Photography Workshops in Madrid and get the most of your camera.

Our professional photographers will teach you all the camera´s functions and will take you to the most photogenic spots of the city.

You will get a professional album of Madrid, made for you



People love our photography workshops in Madrid!

    The workshop was really informative and tailored to what we wanted. Came away with lots of useful knowledge, tips and skills that I've been meaning to learn for a long time. Gave us other history and hints for the city and Spain. Highly recommend it.
    As a photographer, it was very important for me to be able to see the city in part through the eyes of another photographer. Alberto has a deep knowledge of the famous as well as off-the-beaten-track gems that it has to offer. Highly recommended!
    I'm a beginner with my first ever DSLR. I've always been familiar with the automatic type settings of cameras but now I am no longer scared of the full manual setting. And the lessons learned were invaluable for when I visited the Cathedral later in the day. Just that part of the tour alone made it money well spent.
  • Cong C. (Beijing, China)
    Cong C. (Beijing, China)
    I had a really good time in the photography workshop. The team explained how to manually take photos by adjusting aperture, shutter speed, etc. Their explanation is clear and it is very easy to understand. I took some really good photos after this workshop. Highly recommend this workshop if you like travelling and photography.